Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

"The best financial decision we ever made was switching our savings from a professionally managed fund with a major bank to Ravi Sodhi. He truly cares about your investment goals and has excellent judgement. The results have exceeded our expectations."

Maria Furtado Smith

Ravi Sodhi has been our financial advisor for the past 20 years. He meets with us regularly to review our portfolio and to explain to us his next strategy as markets change and as new investment opportunities arise. He is very easy to approach and very accommodating if we ever need to meet with him on investment-related matters. Over the years, he has always offered sound financial advice based on our investment objectives, current needs, and retirement plans. We feel confident that our investment portfolio will provide us with a secure retirement as a result of working with Ravi. We highly recommend his services.

Don Ongpauco

Dear friends,

Normally, I do not forward commercial or promotional stuff to my friends or relatives, I am making this an exception. Mr. Ravi Sodhi has been my financial consultant for 20 years, and has done exceptionally well managing my money by giving me excellent returns on my investments. This has enabled me to meet all my financial needs of my family, despite the fact that I had no earnings since 1997 due to a stroke and a heart attack. I personally know well several Financial Consultants, but my opinion about his capability and knowledge of the money market and honesty is purely based on my personal experience with him over the last twenty years.

He often organizes seminars and workshops on money management that I have attended. Ravi is not a pressure salesman. Believe me. Even if you manage your own investments, you can still benefit by enhancing your knowledge of the money market.

Ajit Adhopia